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Founded in 1952 by designer Gaby Aghion, Chloé sunglasses were a later addition to the infamous brand. The Egyptian-born Parisian rebelled against the stiff formality of 50s fashion, by creating her own line of body conscious, soft clothing using the finest fabrics. The label soon began to grow in popularity, placing Chloe as a worthy competitor in the fashion world from the 70s onwards. Internationally renowned for their glamorous and chic designs, creative director Natasha Ramsey-Levi embodies a unique vision of grace and femininity, taking inspirations from accessories, seasonal trends and icon pieces. A bold use of colour and texture is prominent throughout the Chloe sunglasses collection, where each piece is instantly recognisable. Our Chloe eyewear collection is comprised of both Chloe sunglasses and Chloe glasses, both of which hold a wide variety of styles for every type of wearer. In particular, Chloe Carlina sunglasses are a staple part of the Chloe sunglasses collection, with Chloe Carlina Round sunglasses being a huge hit. Its unique wire frame encircles large, round lenses which is ideal for making a true style statement. This stand-out style can be spotted on Jennifer Lopez who pairs her Chloe Carlina sunglasses with a casual everyday look. Other favourites in the Chloe sunglasses collection include Chloe Rosie sunglasses, Chloe Myrte sunglasses, Chloe Tally sunglasses and Chloe Poppy sunglasses - which include the popular Chloe heart sunglasses. Each style has their own distinctive shape, so whether you’re looking for Chloe oversized sunglasses, Chloe aviator sunglasses or Chloe round sunglasses, you’re sure to find the perfect style for you.

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