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Arnette Sunglasses

Branded for the young and ‘forever-young’; Arnette began life in 1992 on the sun-soaked coasts of California. Envisioned as a collection of eyewear for the surfers and skaters, Arnette’s sporty collection has become an ideal set of sunglasses for the general public as well. The passion to produce creative eyewear for the specifics of the individual, coupled through the use of resistant materials during their manufacture ensure a pair of eyewear sure to last for many more long summers to come… Arnette’s sunglasses range is available particularly for men. Designers are inspired by youth subculture to produce iconic models of eyewear – whether the Black Dog, Catfish and Raven form. The use of polycarbonate lenses helps the sunglasses to adapt to any amount of light as well as provide a durable product for sport endurance. The Arnette Creative Exchange System ensures each set of sunglasses differentiates for the aspiration of the user – and with vibrant palettes of colour such as green, blue and matte black finishes, you’re sure to find your ideal partner to face the rays. At Shade Station we have a broad selection of men’s Arnette Prescription sunglasses. Take time out and find your perfect pair for summer, such as the best-selling Arnette Chenga – complete with a matte black frame and blue lens finish.

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2 colours - $COP237,311.24
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